Tiny Teeth Troubles: A Parent's Guide to Soothing the Teething Struggle
A Ahgiya

Tiny Teeth Troubles: A Parent's Guide to Soothing the Teething Struggle

Feb 25, 2024

Oh, those memorable nights when our Little Boss turned into a teething fuss-pot! The sleepless struggles were real, and the feeling of helplessness overwhelmed us. Little did we know, there were some surprising remedies waiting to turn those challenging moments around.

Beyond the familiar Bonjela (did you know it's suitable for children as young as 4 months?), we decided to explore other options. Enter Camilia Teething Relief (Liquid Doses), a game-changer in our teething toolkit.

Camilia Teething Relief

Photo Credit: Amazon SG

Effortless and user-friendly, Camilia Teething Relief comes in pre-measured doses, eliminating the need for any liquid measurements. Simply grab one dose, twist to open, and squeeze the entire contents into the mouth – a hassle-free solution for soothing teething discomfort.

After giving it a shot, we anticipated a gradual soothing effect on our Little Boss, but to our amazement, she calmed down almost instantly and peacefully drifted into a deep slumber. And the best part? We could finally catch some much-needed sleep too, of course!

Since that day, there's been no turning back. While we still resort to Bonjela occasionally, our ultimate go-to for teething relief has undeniably become Camilia.

To ensure you have a handy remedy for your teething Little Boss, consider grabbing a box. You can find it here.

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