The Restful Mom: Balancing Parenthood and Personal Well-Being
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The Restful Mom: Balancing Parenthood and Personal Well-Being

May 12, 2024

When our Little Boss arrived, Omma felt compelled to take on every task herself. She believed that everything had to be done a certain way, and when things didn't go according to plan, she found herself feeling frustrated and inadequate. Appa, recognizing the strain on Omma, encouraged her to take breaks and relax outside the home. However, Omma struggled with the idea of entrusting others (even Appa!) with the care of her baby, a common sentiment among mothers driven by maternal instinct. Little did she realize; this reluctance would eventually take a toll on her mental and emotional well-being.

Omma found herself sinking into a state of exhaustion that words couldn't fully capture, fraying her patience thin. This fatigue often led to petty conflicts and arguments, exacerbating Omma's already strained emotions. Compounded by our residence in Korea at the time, Omma lacked a support network of friends during her maternity leave. She felt isolated, unable to even step away for a moment, fearing to leave our Little Boss unattended, even for a trip to the bathroom.

When Little Boss finally napped, Omma hurried through a quick shower, anxious that any moment away might mean missing a waking moment. She clung to the hope for just a brief nap, sacrificing her own basic needs like coffee and lunch in the relentless cycle of caretaking. Omma's attachment to Little Boss meant she rarely found time for rest, perpetuating her exhaustion.


Omma always tried to fill in with activities when Little Boss was awake. Here, we just finished "reading" a book. 

 As Little Boss transitioned to eating solids, Omma felt the weight of added responsibility on her shoulders. Now, in addition to the usual tasks, she had to prepare meals, adjust routines, and plan ahead for Little Boss's meals. It felt like another task added to her already overflowing plate of duties. While Omma recognized the importance of consulting with Appa about this new challenge, she hesitated to ask for help, feeling a sense of shame. However, it wasn't until Omma fell ill one day that she realized she couldn't manage everything alone.

Since then, Omma recognized the need to take a step back and share the workload with Appa.

What Omma began doing to unwind and prioritize her mental health:

1. Rekindling the Joy of Reading: Rediscovering a Passion Omma Cherished Before Little Boss Arrived.

2. Prioritizing Self-Care: Incorporating Bi-Monthly 2-Hour Massages into Omma's Routine for True Relaxation. And then, Enjoying a Leisurely Walk Home to Soak in the Fresh Air. (Reflecting on Our Time in Tongyeong, South Korea)

3. Enhancing Family Time: Investing in Bluetooth Headphones for Cozy Movie Nights Without Disturbing Little Boss's Slumber.

4. Weekend Escape: Taking a Break from Mom Duties with a Solo Grocery Shopping Excursion! Enjoying a Leisurely Stroll Through the Aisles, Complete with a Coffee Stop.


E-mart (a popular supermarket chain similar to our local favorites) - conveniently located just a 3-minute drive from our apartment, where Omma does her grocery shopping.

Omma still finds herself taking on too much at times, but now she's quick to recognize it and enlist Appa's help. She's come to understand that trying to do everything alone isn't sustainable. Sometimes, with our Little Boss now 2.5 years old, Omma even involves them in age-appropriate tasks.

And remember, Ahgiya! is here to lighten your load, parents. Let us handle the meal prep for you. Simply heat up our nutritious porridge in the microwave and serve within minutes. With the time saved, you can create precious memories with your Little Boss.

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