The Power of Sections: Why Divided Plates Are a Game-Changer For Baby Feeding
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The Power of Sections: Why Divided Plates Are a Game-Changer For Baby Feeding

Mar 10, 2024

As our Little Boss embarked on the exciting journey of transitioning to solids, we embraced a combination of Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) and traditional feeding approaches. Amidst these varied methods, one constant remained – the use of divided plates during meal times. But why did we choose to stick with this seemingly simple practice? Let's delve into the reasons behind our decision and explore the benefits it brought to our little one's culinary adventure.

1. Promoting Texture Exploration: Divided plates prove to be invaluable in encouraging a diverse sensory experience for your Little Boss. The segmented sections allow for the introduction of various textures, a particularly beneficial feature when serving a combination of our delightful porridge alongside baby-led finger snacks or other textured foods.

2. Fostering Nutritional Diversity: The use of a divided plate serves as a helpful visual cue for caregivers, prompting them to incorporate a diverse range of foods into each meal. Consider this practical example: dedicate one section to a protein source, another to a selection of fruits or vegetables, and the main section for wholesome carbohydrates. This not only promotes a balanced diet but also makes mealtime a colorful and engaging experience for your Little Boss.

By adopting this approach, our Little Boss eagerly anticipates meal times, understanding that each occasion brings a delightful array of food options. This not only fosters a positive relationship with meals but also instills a sense of excitement and anticipation, turning each dining experience into a joyous exploration of diverse and tasty choices.

Ahgiya Baby Silicone Suction Plate

We purchased a suction divided plate for our Little Boss during her initial foray into solid foods.

We invested in a diverse collection of divided plates to ensure a unique dining experience for our Little Boss at every meal. Additionally, some of these plates are conveniently portable, making them the perfect travel companion during our explorations in Korea.

This practice may even work wonders in enticing picky eaters to savor their meal times, as we were told. 

To elevate the joy of meal times and witness your Little Boss delighting in the exploration of textures, you can acquire our limited collection of divided plates by clicking here. Discover our beautiful bibs as well, which were all made in Spain!

Till our next blog post, happy meal times, everybody!

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