The Liquid Gold: Discovering the Immense Benefits of Homemade Broth
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The Liquid Gold: Discovering the Immense Benefits of Homemade Broth

Jan 7, 2024

During our time in Korea, we discovered ready-made porridges (which sparked the birth of Ahgiya!) and due to our busy work schedules, we relied on these convenient options to feed our Little Boss. She took to them quite well, and we were satisfied with the convenience. However, when prepared it, our little foodie didn't seem to enjoy it as much. Puzzled by this, one day Omma decided to delve into the ingredients of the ready-made porridges. That's when the difference came to light. When Omma cooked the porridge at home, she used plain filtered water, whereas the ready-made versions contained a special ingredient - Vegetable Broth.

Omma embarked on a quest to delve deeper into the world of broths - understanding their benefits and learning how to craft one. What she discovered surprised her: creating a broth is a straightforward process, albeit a tad time-consuming due to the lengthy simmering required to achieve that rich flavor profile. But when it came to satisfying the Little Boss, how could Omma possibly refuse? Not to mention, the benefits that come along with it. 

Benefits of Vegetable Broth:

1. It's an excellent fiber source, playing a crucial role in supporting and regulating the digestive system.

2. It's rich in Vitamin A, which is known to enhance vision, supporting eye health and potentially reducing the risk of conditions like glaucoma and cataracts.

3. The vegetable-derived calcium contributes significantly to bone strength, aiding in the prevention of conditions like osteoporosis and fractures. Additionally, it supports optimal bone growth, especially crucial for children's developing bones.

4. It helps to boost the immune system. 

5. Moreover, it significantly enriches and elevates the dish's flavor profile (particularly in this case, with porridge!), often leaving our Little Boss requesting seconds due to the enhanced taste!

 Ahgiya Vegetable Broth

Our signature vegetable broth containing all the healthy & organic ingredients. 

In the pursuit of enriching flavors, Omma uncovered another hidden gem: Anchovy Broth. This exquisite broth serves as a culinary wizardry, elevating dishes with its natural umami and delicate saltiness.  

Benefits of Anchovy Broth:

1. It contains essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and protein, which are beneficial for a growing children's development, particularly for brain and bone health. 

2. It can aid with digestion due to its easily digestible proteins, potentially helping Little Bosses with sensitive tummies. 

3. Much like its vegetable counterpart, anchovy broth emerges as a culinary hero, wielding the power to transform dishes with its exquisite taste.

Anchovy Broth Ahgiya!

Our special anchovy broth, made with basic ingredients, enhances the deliciousness of your meals like nothing else.

Adding these broths to warm up our porridges in a non-stick pan makes them smell amazing and taste even better. Plus, it's good for your Little Boss's health! For all the healthy goodness your loved ones need, Ahgiya! is your go-to.

If you would like to get some or even just one, you can buy our special broths right here.

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