The Importance of Sleep: Establishing Healthy Bedtime Routines
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The Importance of Sleep: Establishing Healthy Bedtime Routines

Mar 17, 2024

When we noticed our Little Boss enjoying longer stretches of sleep, up to 4.5 - 5 hours at a time, as she approached her third month, we realized the importance of establishing a consistent nap and bedtime routine.

 After extensive research and reading about our Little Boss's first year, we understood the crucial significance of establishing a consistent routine for her naps and bedtime. This is essential because a structured routine not only promotes healthy sleep habits but also fosters emotional security, cognitive development, and overall well-being in infants. Additionally, it helps regulate their internal body clock, leading to better sleep quality and duration.

And our persistence truly paid off in spades!

Wondering how we nailed down our nap and bedtime routine?

Ahgiya Swaddle Bedtime Routine

Our Little Boss on one of her morning naps.

To kickstart our nap and bedtime routine, we began by setting a consistent wake-up time, which for us was 7 am. Understanding our Little Boss's wake window was key, ensuring she stayed awake within that timeframe. About 15-20 minutes before her wake window closed, we'd prepare for her first nap (and subsequent naps) to prevent her from becoming overtired.

In our daily routine, we adhere to a structured pattern: wake, diaper change, feed, play, diaper change, feed. Just before the second feeding, we snugly wrap her in a swaddle to signal that it's time for sleep or a little rest. This consistent approach has helped our Little Boss become accustomed to the routine, learning that the next step is relaxation.

We've also adopted a practice of shelving toys that emit music or offer excessive stimulation after 5pm. This signals to our little one that bedtime is drawing near, and it's time to wind down for a longer, more restful sleep ahead.

 Living in a country with four distinct seasons, we found ourselves contending with frequent cold weather. Consequently, our Little Boss would only shower once a day, typically in the evening. This nightly routine became a significant signal that bedtime was imminent.

We also incorporated a soothing massage into our nightly routine to help keep her calm. Because, let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy a restful sleep after a relaxing massage session, right? Hahaha.

To assist you parents in visualizing our approach more clearly, here's a simple guide detailing our daily routine at that time. This regimen contributed to our Little Boss sleeping longer and requiring fewer midnight feedings.

Simple Routine below:

 Midnight feeding at 4am.

Slept at 5am.

Awake at 7am. Change diaper. Feed. Play / Tummy Time / Morning walk. 

830am: Change diaper. Swaddle On. Feed in a dim room.

845am: Down for 1st nap.

10am: Woke up and repeat.

1145am: Down for 2nd nap.

2pm: Woke up and repeat.

345pm: Down for 3rd nap.

5pm: Woke up and repeat.

6pm: Shower & massage

7pm: Down for bedtime.

730pm: Sleep and prepare for tomorrow.

Do note that diffent babies react differently. Hence do trial and error. 

Till then, happy trying! We are still on a strict nap and bedtime routine for our Little Boss who is about 2.5 years of age. Routines had help us alot with our holidays too. So, if you have not start on any, we encourage you to start soon, if possible.

Till our next blog!

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