Stroll Like a Pro: A Guide to Stroller Selection
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Stroll Like a Pro: A Guide to Stroller Selection

Feb 4, 2024

When the news of our upcoming addition filled the air, our excitement soared, leading us straight to the baby fair in Busan. Enthusiastically, we discovered Nuna and, without a second thought, made it ours. The thrill of grabbing and going, however, led to a realization – we had skipped the crucial step of diving into the details of strollers, a myriad of options awaiting our consideration.

As it turns out, strollers are not one-size-fits-all. Our impulsive choice didn't align with the specific needs of our growing family. A lesson learned: in the world of strollers, a little research can go a long way.

If memory serves us right, we opted for the Nuna Triv, and let's be clear, it's not that it's a bad choice. However, given our preference for strollers over baby carriers, the real test came after about six months of consistent use. That's when it hit us – maneuvering the Nuna Triv had become a bit of a challenge. 

Ahgiya Nuna Stroller

Our Little Boss in Nuna stroller

The lightbulb moment struck when we swapped out her Nuna PIPA Carseat – the incessant crying during our 20-minute school journeys had us on the brink! That tearful commute prompted a revelation – maybe it wasn't just the car seat. Enter Appa, the unsung hero, who decided it was high time to embark on a deep dive into the vast world of strollers, determined to unearth the perfect match for our parenting journey.

On a quest to find the perfect stroller for our growing family, we scoured every nook and cranny. Recognizing that we'd be frequent users, the wheels became a pivotal factor in our decision-making process. As parents constantly on the go with a trove of baby essentials, the need for ample storage space for diaper bags and shopping finds was non-negotiable.

Then came the day of revelation – Appa stumbled upon it. The stroller that not only met but exceeded our expectations. A moment of pure serendipity that made us fall head over wheels and never look back.

Let us introduce you - UppaBaby!

The model we got from this brand is Vista V2. 

 Ahgiya UppaBaby Stroller

Test ride for our Little Boss when it arrived at our doorstep

It's not just about the wheels being generously sized – the UppaBaby Vista V2 stroller offers a gamut of benefits that contribute to an unparalleled strolling experience. The substantial wheel dimensions translate to a ride that's not only smoother but also boasts increased stability, effortless pushing, enhanced shock absorption, and versatile terrain maneuverability. Add to that ample ground clearance and improved steering capabilities, and you've got a stroller ready to conquer any path you choose.

But that's not where the goodness ends. The UppaBaby Vista V2 goes above and beyond, ensuring that your Little Boss rides in utmost comfort. The stroller's seat is thoughtfully designed, resembling a cozy chair to cradle your little one in comfort as you embark on your parenting adventures.

Whether you're strolling under the radiant sun or beneath glaring lights, fret not! UppaBaby's innovative design has got you covered, quite literally. With the ability to shield 70% of your Little Boss, you can now enjoy those sunny walks without the worry of harsh rays.

And here's the real game-changer – even when the seat is reclined because your little one has dozed off, it effortlessly creates a cozy cocoon vibe. Say goodbye to intrusive sunlight as the stroller skillfully blocks it out, ensuring your Little Boss enjoys uninterrupted naptime bliss.

Ahgiya UppaBaby Stroller Singapore

Look at that coverage! We totally love it!

What else do we love about UppaBaby Vista V2?

1. Versatile Configuration - The stroller is designed to adapt to your family's needs. Its versatile configurations allow for single, double, or even triple stroller setups, accommodating growing families seamlessly.

2. Exceptional Maneuverability - With its robust build and advanced engineering, the Vista V2 offers exceptional maneuverability. Glide through city streets, navigate tight corners, and handle various terrains effortlessly. With one hand?Yes you can!

3. All-Wheel Suspension System - Enjoy a smooth and bump-free ride with the Vista V2's all-wheel suspension system. It absorbs shocks and ensures a comfortable journey for your little one, even on uneven surfaces.

4. High-Quality Materials & Durability - Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, the UppaBaby Vista V2 ensures durability and longevity. It's a stroller designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, making it a wise investment for your parenting journey.

Discovering the UppaBaby Vista V2 was a game-changer for us. However, it soon dawned on us that this exceptional stroller wasn't as widely recognized in Korea and Singapore. Undeterred, we turned to Amazon US, placing our order and eagerly awaiting its arrival in Korea. The investment was around SGD 1,800, inclusive of a convenient travel bag – a thoughtful addition that allows the stroller to be effortlessly folded, securely tucked away, and checked in without a worry in the world. The price tag was a small feat compared to the unparalleled convenience and joy it brings to our parenting journey!

Ahgiya UppaBaby Travel Bag

Sample of a travel bag that we used when we do an airplane check-in.

For those who prefer a more compact stroller experience, UppaBaby has you covered with their smaller stroller versions. Don't let the size fool you; the smaller models pack a punch in terms of functionality and style. We can vouch for it – our Vista V2, despite its larger size, still looks as good as new, a testament to UppaBaby's commitment to durability and design across their entire stroller range.

Not convinced enough? Leave us a comment or DM us on our Instagram ( and ask away! 

Otherwise, you can take a view at UppaBaby's official website here

Want to own UppaBaby? Drop us a DM on our Instagram or text us at 9067 6246 and we can ship it in for you. 

Till then, don't forget to add to cart right here at our website! 

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