Smart Parenting: Choosing the Right Supplement for Your Little Boss
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Smart Parenting: Choosing the Right Supplement for Your Little Boss

Nov 7, 2023 · bronchitis · ill · puff · sick · supplement
Like many babies, our Little Boss experienced her fair share of illnesses as she began attending child care in South Korea. It's a common occurrence for infants, we were reassured. However, as first-time parents in a foreign country, navigating the language barrier, we found ourselves questioning the frequent doctor visits. We couldn't help but wonder why every visit seemed to result in a diagnosis of the 'common cold.'

It wasn't until we made the decision to return to Singapore permanently, back in April. She fell ill just two weeks after our arrival, and we initially attributed it to her adjusting to the new environment. After all, we had come from a four-season country, and now she was experiencing the tropical climate for the first & longest time. But it only got worst. 

One morning, I observed that she was putting in extra effort to breathe. I immediately shared my concerns with my husband, insisting that we should see a doctor. He initially brushed it off, but you know how motherly instincts work, right? I persisted and emphasized that we needed to seek medical attention right away because it didn't seem normal. Thankfully, he listened, and our Little Boss was eventually referred to a nearby hospital for further evaluation as she was diagnosed with bronchitis.

  Ahgiya Baby Food Bronchitis Echinacea  Ahgiya Baby Food Echinacea Bronchitis

Two weeks later, the same scenario unfolded. The same symptoms, the same response from her.

This time, we opted for Thompson Medical, and our gratitude goes to the doctor who quickly stepped in to ensure she received the proper treatment. However, the question remained: was it sufficient?

And so, our quest for the ideal supplement commenced. My husband dedicated his time to this search, meticulously delving into reviews, exploring different websites to gather more information about the product, and thoroughly examining its contents.

One day, Eureka! We stumbled upon it—the secret to our Little Boss's well-being. It's been seven months since she started taking the supplement, and the results have been astounding! Whenever she exhibited signs of getting sick, we would increase the supplement dosage to double or even triple, and within just a day or two, she would bounce back to good health. Sometimes, all she required was some extra rest to make a full recovery.

So what did we give? It's...

Supplement Echinacea   Baby Sick Supplement

What? Just 30ml? How many times will I have to give my Little Boss? 

A 30ml bottle typically lasts us for 1 to 1.5 months because we don't administer it daily. When she is in good health, she only receives 0.5ml every other day (specifically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays). However, as mentioned, if she displays any signs of illness, we adjust the dosage to 0.5ml x2 or x3 as needed.

Another feature that we appreciate about ChildLife Echinacea is its suitability for infants aged 6 months and older, albeit with a reduced dosage.

Now, you might be wondering about the cost, and we're delighted to share that it's incredibly budget-friendly, priced at just SGD 15.90! Plus, it's worth noting that this remarkable product offers an impressive 1.5 months of use, ensuring you get fantastic value for your money.

If you want to get yours, you can order here!

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