Parenting in the Digital Age: Essential Apps for New Parents
A Ahgiya

Parenting in the Digital Age: Essential Apps for New Parents

May 19, 2024

As dedicated parents, we were meticulous about maintaining our Little Boss's schedule. Keeping track of her sleep patterns, formula intake, diaper changes, and even the number of poos was challenging. To manage all these details, we began searching for apps to streamline our daily routine. As she grew older, we also explored apps related to food and baby-led weaning (BLW).

In today's digital age, being a parent often means relying on apps to help navigate the complexities of childcare, doesn't it?

If you're considering downloading some apps, here are a few that we truly loved as first-time parents.

1. Baby Daybook App

This app is a lifesaver! Baby Daybook helps us stay organized and focused on what matters most: spending quality time with our Little Boss.

Baby Daybook is designed to monitor every aspect of your Little Boss's day, including feeding sessions (both breastfeeding and bottle feeding), diaper changes, sleep schedules, tummy time, baths, doctor's appointments, and more. It generates timelines, graphs, and reports to help you stay on top of your Little Boss's routine effortlessly.

We used this app consistently for 18 months, and it became an essential tool for us. The sleep schedule feature was particularly helpful, allowing us to understand if our Little Boss was overtired or not getting enough rest when she became cranky.

Additionally, we upgraded to the Premium version, which allowed both Omma and Appa to make updates seamlessly. The app automatically syncs, ensuring that we are always on the same page, making our parenting journey a bit easier.


2. The Wonder Weeks

 Another app we frequently used is Wonder Weeks. We are particularly focused on our Little Boss's development and milestones, so we needed something to guide us and provide timely insights on what to expect next. Wonder Weeks was invaluable in helping us stay informed and prepared for each stage of her growth.

It is designed specifically for new parents to track the mental development of their newborns. This app offers insights into the ten key mental leaps, providing a personalized schedule for when each leap starts and ends.

With Wonder Weeks, you can easily identify your Little Boss's needs during different stages of each leap. The app's diary feature allows you to keep detailed records of your baby's developmental milestones, making it a valuable tool for understanding and supporting your child's growth.

3. Asianparent

When we found out we were pregnant, we searched for the best app to track our baby's growth in the womb, and Asianparent delivered! The app provided us with estimated progress, detailing how far along we were and what developmental milestones our baby was experiencing at each stage. It was an invaluable resource for understanding our baby's journey from conception to birth.

Even after giving birth, we continued to use the app to track our Little Boss's milestones, in addition to using Wonder Weeks. The app helped us compare her progress with other kids her age, allowing us to see if she could perform age-appropriate tasks. It also prompted us to observe her closely and consider if she might need additional support in certain areas.

Additionally, the app features a built-in community where you can share your experiences and ask questions about anything you're curious about. It offers comprehensive articles on various aspects of motherhood and parenting, as well as informative videos. For some added fun, you can participate in polls and see that you're not alone on this journey.

So here's our Top 3 apps that we love and enjoy! Let us know if you've have used any other apps that you may feel that it will be helpful to fellow parents out there! 

Till then, see you next week!  

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