Nurturing Little Minds: When to Begin Reading to Your Little Boss
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Nurturing Little Minds: When to Begin Reading to Your Little Boss

Nov 8, 2023
In the whirlwind of parenthood, where every moment seems both magical and fleeting, one question often arises: When should you start reading to your baby? Is it ever too early or too late to introduce the world of books and stories to your little one?

When our Little Boss was still snug in the womb, at around the 6-month mark of our pregnancy journey, we embarked on the wonderful habit of reading to her. It's fascinating to consider that they can hear some sounds from outside the protective cocoon of the womb at this stage. Our reading sessions with her began once a week and gradually increased as we entered the final trimester.

The habit persisted right from the moment she was born. We made a conscious effort to read to her at least once every day. Even though we knew she couldn't see, we were firm believers in introducing books to her from the very beginning of her life. But why did we choose to do this?

We held the belief that introducing our Little Bosses to reading from an early age would play a crucial role in stimulating their brain development and promoting growth. Even though they couldn't communicate through speech at that stage, being read to had a profound impact. It allowed them to absorb the sounds of language, connect meanings to words, and introduced them to the beautiful world of social interaction through communication.


Ahgiya Read Book Learning

Our Little Boss at 1.5 months.

 Baby Read Ahgiya Learning Book

Our Little Boss at 3 months.


As we wrap up this exploration of when to start reading to your baby, remember that every family's journey is unique. While the ideal age to begin reading may vary, what remains constant is the profound impact it can have on your little one's development. So, seize the opportunity to share stories, words, and the magic of books with your baby as early as you can. The joy of watching their eyes light up at the world of tales you create together is a treasure that you'll cherish throughout your parenting adventure. Happy reading!

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