Moo-ving Towards Health: The Benefits of Farm Fresh Grow Milk
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Moo-ving Towards Health: The Benefits of Farm Fresh Grow Milk

Feb 11, 2024

A serendipitous discovery unfolded during our vacation in Kuala Lumpur exactly a year ago when we stumbled upon the remarkable brand, Farm Fresh. 

With a toddler in tow, our quest for family-friendly places in KL led us to an exciting discovery - Farm Fresh @ UPM. Omma stumbled upon it while exploring options online, envisioning a hands-on experience that would captivate our Little Boss. The prospect of introducing her to one of the most iconic farm animals, the cows, made it an irresistible choice. And off we went to create lasting memories!

Ahgiya Farm Fresh UPM

Credit: LittleStepsAsia

Under the relentless sun, the farm revealed itself as an expansive open space with scanty patches of shade. Undeterred, we strolled through to meet the cows and other farm animals, including the lively roosters. Our adventure took an unexpected turn when we ventured towards the in-house grocery store. It was there that I chanced upon the delightful surprise of Farm Fresh Grow!

With uncertainty lingering, I decided to purchase Farm Fresh Grow for our toddler, unsure if she'd embrace it. To my surprise, a mere sip ignited her interest, and she was soon requesting more. Perhaps the scorching weather played a role, leaving her thirsting for a refreshing drink. As she continued to eagerly consume it, we, as cautious parents, sought assurance regarding its suitability for her, keeping in mind that Farm Fresh Grow is specifically formulated for children above the age of one.

Ahgiya Farm Fresh Grow 125ml

Farm Fresh Grow 125ml

Fast forward six months, now settled back in Singapore, as we transition away from formula milk, the memory of the next best option for our Little Boss struck us – the wholesome goodness of Farm Fresh milk!

Why Farm Fresh Grow?

Not only because Farm Fresh Grow is formulated by using natural cow's milk, has 22 vitamins & minerals, has calcium & Vitamin D, is high in protein, but Farm Fresh Grow has the lowest amount of carbohydrates too! And...

Ahgiya Farm Fresh Comparison

Credit: Farm Fresh Official Website


Farm Fresh Grow also packed their fresh milk in a 200ml / 125ml / in a powder form in sachets! Talking about convenience!

For ourselves, we bought the 125ml since our Little Boss is not a heavy milk drinker anymore and also the sachets to bring to her school daily. This will ease the workload for both our toddler's teachers and us too! 

We are happy to inform you that we now sell Farm Fresh products too as we believe in giving our Little Boss healthy goodness! However, remember, this is only suitable for 1 year old and above. 

If you would like to get the sachets, you can get them here & if you would like it in a packet, you can get it here

Happy shopping! 

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