Healthy Starts: The Wholesome Benefits of Organic Food
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Healthy Starts: The Wholesome Benefits of Organic Food

Dec 24, 2023

Reflecting on our initial snack and food shopping for our Little Boss, the memories flood back. It wasn't just the eye-catching packaging that drew us in, but the careful scrutiny of ingredients became our ritual. With each item we plucked from the shelves, there was an intentional pause to decipher the labels—a task that required extra effort owing to the language barrier (all in Korean for us!). Yet, we dedicated ourselves to translating every detail before making a purchase. Our commitment was unwavering—we insisted that only the healthiest, most wholesome ingredients found their way into our Little Boss' nourishment.

When organic options were within reach, they were our top choice for purchase. However, understanding the constraints, we were open to settling for the next best option when organic wasn't available. Flexibility became key, recognizing that circumstances sometimes limit our choices, yet it was always a conscious decision made with care.

Our choice of organic food was driven by a distinct reason. Organic ingredients thrive in healthier soil conditions, resulting in elevated levels of vital vitamins and minerals within them. Additionally, these foods have a lower risk of exposure to harmful pesticides, ensuring a cleaner and more natural option for our dietary preferences.

Ahgiya! Kyra Organic Snack Maeil

Our Little Boss' go-to Organic Snack while residing in Korea. 


Let's delve into what exactly constitutes "Organic."

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), a food product earns the certified organic label when it's cultivated and processed in alignment with specific guidelines:

  1. Soil QualityCultivated in soil free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for a minimum of three years before harvesting, organic produce ensures a commitment to soil quality. This distinction is crucial as some farms may employ sewage sludge as a fertilizer, underscoring the significance of stringent soil standards in organic practices.
  2. Pest & Weed ControlThroughout the growth process, organic crops steer clear of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and chemical treatments.
  3. Animal Farming PracticesLivestock within organic farming are nurtured in environments that support their natural behaviors, allowing them the freedom to graze on pastures. Their diet consists solely of 100% organic feed and forage, without any administration of antibiotics or hormones.
  4. Use of AdditivesThese foods abstain from artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, ensuring a commitment to natural ingredients. Additionally, they adhere to a stringent standard, mandating that at least 95% of their components are organic.


The FDA mandates that food manufacturers achieve organic certification by submitting their farming practices and ingredient specifics to an external certification body. This rigorous process assures consumers that the organic product they purchase has undergone strict regulation. It's as close to nature's essence as you can get, barring the experience of growing and producing your own food!

At Ahgiya!, we're committed to authenticity. We take the extra step to personally visit our organic suppliers, verifying the credibility of our products by ensuring they bear the relevant and verified logos. Notably, the majority of our ingredients proudly carry the NASAA Certification, a testament to our dedication to providing genuine organic choices.

Ahgiya NASAA Organic Food Baby


Considering all the factors mentioned above, opting for organic food means significantly reducing your Little Boss's exposure to chemicals, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients commonly found in food products.

Do note that while some families lean towards organic food due to its taste or perceived environmental benefits, conclusive research is yet to decisively prove its superiority over non-organic options, even concerning children. When it comes to feeding choices, the organic option doesn't necessarily have to be an all-or-nothing decision.

So don't worry! All our porridges are organic and you can shop here!

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