Gifts of Love; Christmas Ideas for Babies & Toddler
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Gifts of Love; Christmas Ideas for Babies & Toddler

Dec 17, 2023

The season of giving is upon us once more! Isn't it incredible how time seems to slip away? It feels like we just returned home, yet in the blink of an eye, eight months have flown by.

If you're currently feeling a bit overwhelmed, trying to figure out the perfect gift for your Little Boss or even your nieces and nephews, take a deep breath—no need to panic! We're here to assist you; after all, that's what we do best.

If you're looking at toys, according to experts, open-ended toys reign supreme for 1-year-olds. These toys encourage free exploration and imaginative play, allowing youngsters to follow their own instincts rather than adhering to rigid instructions. Some of open-ended toys and gift ideas are:

Ahgiya Fisher-Price Shape Sorter Toy

  1. Fisher-Price Baby's First BlocksWe were absolutely thrilled with this find! When our Little Boss was around 8 months old, we introduced her to this set. Initially, sorting the blocks wasn't on the agenda, but it quickly became a household favorite. She loved exploring, knocking the blocks together, practicing her throwing skills, and absorbing the various shapes and colors. This set remained a staple until she was about 20 months old, effortlessly sorting shapes and colors by then. Plus, tidying up was a breeze—all the pieces fit snugly back into the bucket for storage. These blocks are perfect for babies starting from 6 months onward, and you can find them available for purchase here.


Ahgiya! Vtech Walker Toy


2. Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - As soon as our Little Boss began showing curiosity about standing up, we recognized the need for a reliable solution. What intrigued us most about this particular product was its versatility – not just a walker, but also an activity panel that could be detached for standalone play. We transformed it into a walker around her 10.5-month mark, coinciding with her initial steps towards walking. By the time she celebrated her first birthday, she was practically a pro! This versatile walker became a cherished tool in her journey to mastering walking at an accelerated pace. If you're looking for a similar solution, you can find this fantastic walker available for purchase here.

 Ahgiya! Toy Rattle


3. iLearn iPlay 10 pieces Baby RattlesThis set of 10 baby rattles caters to infants from newborns up to 18 months, offering a diverse range of grips, shapes, and activities that enhance finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. To prevent overwhelming our Little Boss, we didn't introduce all the rattles at once. Instead, we opted for a gradual approach, introducing one to two new rattles each week. This method allowed for focused learning and skill practice without overloading sensory stimulation. We highly recommend this set as a valuable tool for skill development. You can find this versatile collection available for purchase here.

Ahgiya! Balance Bike

4. Balance Bike - To foster confidence and enhance our Little Boss's balance and coordination, we decided to introduce a balance bike upon our return to Singapore when she was around 17 months old. Fast forward 8 months to her being 25 months old, and the progress is astounding! She has become incredibly adept at maneuvering the balance bike, swiftly propelling herself forward. Her mastery has us eagerly anticipating the transition to a full-fledged two-wheel balance bike! If you're interested in a similar model, you can find this particular bike available for purchase here.

 Ahgiya Gift Cards Sample

5. Gift CardsGift cards have emerged as our go-to choice for gifting our loved ones on various occasions—be it weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, or any other celebration. We've found them to be the perfect solution as they ensure our recipients get something they truly desire. The beauty lies in the freedom it offers, sparing us the worry of inadvertently duplicating a gift they might receive from someone else. By presenting them with gift cards, we empower them to select precisely what they need or desire. Whether it's a shopping spree at Mothercare, a playful visit to Toys'R'Us, or a delightful spree at Tangs, for instance, these gift cards provide the flexibility to choose without any constraints.

Please bear in mind that the suggestions mentioned above are items we've personally used and found effective within our family. While they've been beneficial for us, every family is different, and what works for us may not necessarily work for others (which is where a gift card comes in handy!). If you're still on the lookout for gifts, we hope our lists provide some inspiration. And if you've already completed your shopping, well done!

Happy shopping to all!


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