From Milk to Meals: How to Spot When Little Boss is Ready for Solids
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From Milk to Meals: How to Spot When Little Boss is Ready for Solids

Nov 12, 2023

We vividly recall the moment when our Little Boss was approaching the 5-month mark. An undeniable mixture of stress, worry, and nervous anticipation swept over us. The reason? The impending introduction of solids. The looming question lingered in our minds: How would we know if she was truly ready for this new phase?

We immersed ourselves in reading and extensive research. Simultaneously, we keenly observed her body cues. Once she exhibited most of the signs, our certainty about her readiness for solids grew. Curious about the signals that indicate your Little Boss is prepared for this transition? Let's explore these signs together.

The initial crucial sign we emphasize is the ability for the baby to sit independently with minimal support, coupled with the capacity to hold their head upright and steady. If your Little Boss hasn't achieved both of these milestones, it suggests they might not be fully ready for solids. Meeting these milestones is paramount for ensuring their safety during feeding. Proper posture, with an upright and steady stance, is essential to facilitate comfortable and effective swallowing of food, minimizing any potential challenges.


Our Little Boss at 5.5 months, eating a snack at a Childcare Centre in South Korea. 

Another key indicators that they are ready for this exciting phase is their ability to pick up objects and bring it to their mouth. But why is this particular sign so crucial?

The answer lies in the fact that this behavior directly translates to their ability to self-feed when they start eating solid foods. Whether you're following the path of baby-led weaning or opting for traditional puree-to-table feeding, giving your child the opportunity to feed themselves is a crucial step in their journey towards independence and nourishment.

In addition, when it comes to introducing your Little Boss to solid foods, you want them to be at their healthiest and happiest. It's essential to ensure that they are in tip-top shape before embarking on this exciting journey, as their overall well-being plays a crucial role in their ability to embrace new skills.

Do take a moment to assess their health. If they are currently battling the flu or dealing with a bothersome runny nose, it's a good idea to postpone this culinary adventure as babies are incredibly sensitive, and when they're under the weather, their comfort and well-being should always come first. Attempting to introduce solid foods when they are not feeling their best can lead to discomfort and potentially a negative first experience with solids.

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Our Little Boss being happy during a mealtime. 

Parents, recognizing the signs that indicate your Little Boss is ready for solids is a pivotal step in their early development. It's a journey filled with wonder and discovery, where you play a central role in nurturing their growth. As you observe these cues and embrace this exciting transition, remember that every baby is unique and will progress at their own pace.

Just keep your eyes open, your heart warm, and your camera ready to capture those delightful expressions as your baby takes their first steps into the world of solids. Happy feeding!

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