Combatting the Cold & Flu: Natural Remedies and Wellness Tips for Families
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Combatting the Cold & Flu: Natural Remedies and Wellness Tips for Families

Mar 24, 2024

During the first five years of their growth, it's common for kids to experience occasional illness. Whenever our Little Boss fell sick, our priority was finding solutions or remedies to expedite recovery or, at the very least, aid her in getting restful sleep during nap or bedtime.

During our time in Korea, we relied on friends in Singapore to send us home remedy gels or creams, such as V*cks or Garlic Balm, to help with common ailments. However, after a while, we found these remedies to be less effective. When we returned to Singapore and our Little Boss developed bronchitis, we intensified our search for solutions to alleviate cold symptoms. Once again, our Appa came to the rescue. Known for his resourcefulness, he tirelessly researched and found the best remedies to provide relief.

When Appa discovered Euky Bear, I was intrigued but found that none of my friends were familiar with the brand. Despite the uncertainty, our desperation to help our Little Boss led us to purchase it. We opted for the home remedy pack, which included a diffuser, Sniffly Inhalant liquid (to pour into the diffuser), Sniffly Nose Room Spray, and Eucalyptus Chest Rub. From that moment on, we never looked back.

The gel that replaced V*cks.

Totally love this!


We adore the Chest Rub for its rich menthol content, surpassing other brands on the market. Yet, it's delicately balanced to avoid overwhelming your Little Boss, ensuring their comfort throughout. Just a tiny dab is all it takes to provide relief from cold symptoms, and its gentle formula is kind to sensitive skin, offering peace of mind for parents.

But the versatility doesn't stop there – the Chest Rub isn't just for kids. Need relief from muscle aches or headaches? Reach for the Chest Rub. Even those pesky mosquito bites on your Little Boss or yourself can be soothed with its cooling effect.

Talk about multi-functionality! Despite its compact 50g packaging, we find it lasts for at least three months. So, enjoy the benefits of our favorite Chest Rub with confidence and ease. 

Another of our favourite!

Another product we absolutely adore is the Sniffly Nose Room Spray. With its familiar Eucalyptus scent reminiscent of the Chest Rub, this spray is a breeze to use – simply as the brand says, just spray around the room at nap or bedtime. Instantly, it infuses the air with a comforting aroma, creating a serene environment for your Little Boss to relax and unwind.

But wait, there's more! This versatile spray also doubles as an anti-bacterial spray. Talk about functionality! With just one product, you can enjoy the soothing benefits of Eucalyptus while keeping your little one's surroundings clean and fresh.

For now, Ahgiya! has the Room Nose Sniffly Spray and the Chest Rub. And you can get it right here

Remember, if Ahgiya! promotes it, it is something that works. 

Till next week, parents!

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