Building Water Confidence: Why We Chose Swimming Lessons for Our Toddler
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Building Water Confidence: Why We Chose Swimming Lessons for Our Toddler

Jun 2, 2024

As parents, we are always looking for ways to provide our children with opportunities to learn and grow. When our daughter, whom we affectionately call our "Little Boss," turned 18 months old, we decided it was time to introduce her to the world of swimming. After some research, we enrolled her in a local swim school called Little Splashes. Our goal was to help her develop water confidence, ensure she learned basic water safety, and of course, have fun.


Before we delve into our experience, we want to clarify that this post is not intended to defame or criticize Little Splashes. Our experiences and opinions are purely personal and subjective. Little Splashes may be a perfect fit for many families, but it did not align with our specific objectives for our daughter. We encourage parents to do their own research and find the best fit for their child's needs.

Why We Chose Swimming Lessons Early On

1. Building Water Confidence: One of our primary reasons for starting swimming lessons early was to build our daughter's confidence in the water. We wanted her to be comfortable and happy in aquatic environments, whether it’s a pool, lake, or beach. We believed that early exposure to water would help mitigate any fears and instill a lifelong love for swimming.

2. Water Safety: Safety was another critical factor. We understand the importance of water safety and the peace of mind that comes with knowing our child can navigate water safely. Starting lessons early seemed like a proactive step in equipping her with essential survival skills, like floating and basic paddling.

3. Physical Development: Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, promoting overall physical development. It enhances motor skills, coordination, and muscle strength. At 18 months, our Little Boss was full of energy, and swimming seemed like a perfect outlet for her physical activity.

4. Social Interaction: We also saw swimming lessons as a social opportunity. It was a chance for her to interact with other children in a structured environment, helping her develop social skills and learn to follow instructions from adults other than her parents.

Our Experience with Little Splashes

When we started at Little Splashes, we were full of excitement and hope. The school came highly recommended, and their program for toddlers promised a mix of fun and foundational skills. However, as the months went by, we began to realize that the program was not meeting our expectations or our objectives for our Little Boss.

1. Teaching Methods: We found that the teaching methods at Little Splashes were not as effective as we had hoped. The sessions often felt chaotic, and it seemed that the instructors struggled to maintain a structured learning environment. Our daughter enjoyed the playtime in the water but wasn’t progressing in her skills or confidence as much as we had anticipated.

2. Lack of Personalization: Another concern was the lack of personalized attention. The class sizes were larger than we expected, making it difficult for the instructors to provide individual feedback and support. We felt that our daughter wasn’t receiving the tailored guidance she needed to thrive.

3. Objective Misalignment: Ultimately, we realized that Little Splashes’ focus on fun and play, while important, was overshadowing the more critical aspects of water safety and skill development. Our objective was to ensure our daughter was learning valuable swimming techniques, and we felt this was not being adequately addressed.

What’s Next?

We decided to stop the lessons when our daughter turned two. While Little Splashes did provide a fun introduction to water, it didn’t align with our goals for her swimming education. Now, as our Little Boss approaches her third birthday, we are planning to revisit the idea of swimming lessons with renewed criteria.

1. Research and Recommendations: We will be conducting thorough research to find a swim school that offers smaller class sizes and a more structured approach to teaching. Recommendations from other parents and online reviews will be key in our decision-making process.

2. Structured Programs: We will look for programs that balance fun with clear instructional objectives. Our aim is to find a school that prioritizes water safety and skill development alongside making swimming an enjoyable experience.

3. Trial Classes: Taking trial classes will be an essential part of our selection process. This will allow us to observe the teaching methods, class environment, and instructor interactions firsthand before making a commitment.

Sending our Little Boss to swimming lessons at 18 months was a decision rooted in love and care for her well-being. While our first experience with Little Splashes didn’t meet our expectations, it hasn’t deterred us from recognizing the importance of swimming skills for young children. We remain committed to finding the right program that will help our daughter become a confident, capable, and safe swimmer. Here’s to finding the perfect fit and watching our Little Boss make a big splash in the swimming world!

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