Building Blocks of Brilliance: How Puzzles Shape Your Little Boss's Cognitive Skills
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Building Blocks of Brilliance: How Puzzles Shape Your Little Boss's Cognitive Skills

Feb 18, 2024

While conventional wisdom suggests introducing blocks to toddlers around 13 months, we opted for soft blocks adorned with shapes for our Little Boss when she was just 6 to 7 months old. At this stage, she had mastered sitting independently, allowing her to engage with these soft blocks comfortably. For us, the introduction of blocks didn't need to wait until later, as her early interaction with these playful shapes proved both enjoyable and developmentally enriching.

As she entered the 8-month milestone, she started grasping and lifting the blocks, thoroughly exploring the toy and satisfying her growing curiosity. Appa then introduced her the concept of throwing and she slowly picked that skill up along the way with the blocks. 

Why did we choose to introduce soft blocks to our Little Boss at such an early stage?

  1. Enhancing Motor Development: Fine motor skills involve the small movements of tiny fingers and hands, crucial for tasks like tying shoelaces, buttoning shirts, and writing. Introducing soft blocks helps in developing grasping skills, body awareness, and coordination.

Our Little Boss achieved a significant milestone at 9 to 10 months, as she was able to grasp the blocks and even imitate throwing—a remarkable development in her motor skills!

2. Problem Solving Skills: Engaging with building blocks fosters essential problem-solving skills in Little Bosses. The hands-on, trial-and-error approach involved in constructing with blocks empowers them to navigate challenges systematically. As they build and encounter structural hiccups, they naturally develop the ability to identify issues, understand the root causes, and creatively modify their approach to overcome obstacles. This dynamic process not only enhances their spatial awareness but also cultivates a foundational skill set for effective problem-solving.

3. Developing Early Math & Science Skills: Engaging with blocks initiates the foundation of mathematical and scientific thinking in children. Even in their play, kids naturally explore numerical concepts by counting, comparing sizes, identifying shapes, and combining them to form new shapes. This hands-on exploration fosters mathematical understanding and lays the groundwork for scientific reasoning.

Our Little Boss, exposed to soft blocks featuring embossed shapes and numbers, started grasping these concepts around 12 months. Witnessing her ability to stack blocks to create new shapes, she not only delved into early math but also learned about cause and effect as the blocks would tumble upon impact. This playful exploration becomes a pivotal building block for their cognitive development.

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Happy playing & exploring, everybody!

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