Beyond the Mess: Why Bibs Are a Must-Have for Stress-Free Mealtimes
A Ahgiya

Beyond the Mess: Why Bibs Are a Must-Have for Stress-Free Mealtimes

Mar 31, 2024

When our Little Boss reached the milestone of about 5 months old, the hunt for feeding essentials commenced in earnest. With the realization that she was almost ready to delve into the world of solids, we found ourselves navigating through a sea of options, feeling somewhat bewildered. Among the usual suspects like bowls, spoons, and forks, we were left pondering what else was essential for this exciting phase of her development.

As someone who cringes at the sight of mess, I found myself deep in thought while perusing the aisles of a baby store in Busan, pondering the age-old question: how can I minimize the chaos during mealtime? And then, like a light bulb illuminating above my head, it struck me – of course, a bib! A simple yet indispensable tool designed to catch any morsel of food that dares to stray from its intended destination, the mouth. How could I have overlooked such an obvious solution?

But if you're not quite as obsessed with cleanliness as I am, you might be wondering: do we really need to bother with a bib?

Sample of a feeding or pocket bib


In my opinion, absolutely. And here's why:

  1. Minimal Mess: Let's face it, there will inevitably be moments when your Little Boss decides mealtime is also playtime and food starts finding its way onto every surface except their mouth. Pocket bibs are a godsend for these situations, designed specifically to catch those inevitable spills and crumbs. With fewer stains on clothes and less cleanup for you, mealtime becomes a far more manageable affair.
  2. Prevents Stains: Stubborn stains from saliva and spilled food can be a headache to remove, often leaving unsightly marks on your Little Boss's clothing. However, with the simple addition of a pocket bib, you can effectively shield their attire from such mishaps. This makes pocket bibs the optimal choice for keeping your Little Boss clean and tidy during feeding sessions.
  3. Portable Roll-up Design: When you're on the go with your Little Boss, the last thing you need is extra bulk weighing you down. Pocket bibs come to the rescue with their convenient roll-up design, allowing them to be neatly tucked away into a pocket or diaper bag. No more lugging around bulky accessories! Plus, in a restaurant or any public dining space, the last thing you want is to attract unwanted attention with food crumbs strewn about. With pocket bibs, you can enjoy your meal in peace, knowing that cleanup will be a breeze.
  4. Adjustable Straps: Before you slip the bib onto your Little Boss, it's essential to ensure their comfort. Fortunately, most pocket bibs are equipped with adjustable neck bands, allowing for a perfect fit regardless of your child's size. This means no struggling with ties or worrying about it being too snug or too loose—it's just right, every time.

Now that you know some of the benefits of having pocket bibs, you can get yours on the cutest silicone bib styles here!

Till next week, parents! 

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