A Parent's Guide: Bottle Feeding Hacks for Colic and Gas Relief
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A Parent's Guide: Bottle Feeding Hacks for Colic and Gas Relief

Nov 19, 2023

Navigating the early days with our Little Boss proved to be quite the challenge as we found ourselves separated from family and friends. The confinement nanny we had arranged to assist us was scheduled to only arrive at our home a week after the birth. Despite the option to contact the agency immediately after our baby's arrival, we opted to wait due to a language barrier. Thus, from the very beginning, it was just the two of us, embarking on this new chapter without much guidance.

Feeding our Little Boss was an uncertain journey, guided mostly by comfort and instinct (we chose to exclusively bottle-fed her right from Day 1). Our simple goal was met when the milk went in—mission accomplished. But our complacency was shattered when our Little Boss became inexplicably fussy, crying relentlessly one day. It was Appa (Dad in Korean) Night Duty, yet even his efforts failed to soothe her. One of us cradled her while the other frantically searched for answers online, realizing our ignorance about the possible causes.

Ahgiya! Colic baby

It was Appa who first suspected that our Little Boss might be experiencing colic—an issue I was completely unfamiliar with. Infant colic, a baffling phenomenon, remains largely mysterious in its origins. Theories abound, ranging from immature bowel function to potential food allergies, or the commonly attributed culprits: 'gas' or 'wind'. Given our Little Boss's tender newborn stage, my assumption leaned toward the immaturity of her bowel and the likelihood of 'gas' discomfort being at play.

Determined to ease her distress, Omma (Mum in Korean) delved into a frenzy of online searches, seeking ways to alleviate and prevent colic.

The initial step we took was to switch her formula milk. Initially, we'd opted for a formula designed for babies aged 0 - 6 months. However, our quest for a solution led to extensive Google searches, doubling the time as we repeatedly translated information between English and Korean. Amidst this pursuit, Omma stumbled upon hydrolyzed protein formula milk, specifically crafted to alleviate common digestive discomforts like fussiness, gas, and incessant crying. Consequently, we transitioned to this type and also chose a formula more tailored for newborns, ensuring suitability for ages 0-3 months.

*Side note: Our favourite partially hydrolyzed formula milk when we got back home is NAN Supremepro HA.

We sought advice from family and friends in Singapore and received an immediate suggestion from a close relative to switch our bottle to Dr. Brown's. Their bottles feature a unique vent system that prevents air from mingling with the milk, ensuring that no bubbles form and minimizing the ingestion of air while our Little Boss drinks her milk. This simple adjustment aimed to prevent the discomfort caused by excess "gas" in their tummy. Intrigued, we delved into researching the brand further and discovered that Dr. Brown's bottles are clinically proven to reduce colic. Without hesitation, we made the switch to Dr. Brown's, and since then, we haven't looked back.

Ahgiya Dr Brown Anti Colic

Since then, we've incorporated soothing baby massages into our routine after each bath, just before bedtime. In the mornings, we've been actively engaging her in tummy time exercises to encourage movement. These simple yet purposeful additions to our daily schedule have become integral parts of nurturing our Little Boss.

Lastly, as a final recourse, we turned to over-the-counter medicine, specifically gripe water. This remedy, composed of a blend of herbs, is commonly employed to ease discomfort in colicky babies. We reserved the use of gripe water for extreme cases, when even massages failed to alleviate her distress and her fussiness seemed unmanageable. Surprisingly, following the correct dosage of gripe water, our Little Boss often found immediate relief, calming down and drifting off to sleep shortly after.

Ahgiya Mummys Bliss Colic Gripe Water

*Side note: Gripe water is not recommended for newborns below the age of 1 month. 

Even now, at the age of 2, when our Little Boss occasionally becomes extremely fussy, particularly during bedtime and through the night, we still resort to using Gripe Water. Remarkably, it continues to work like magic, swiftly lulling her back to sleep.

You can purchase our chosen gripe water here

Disclaimer: It's important to note that the use of any OTC remedy, including gripe water & Echinacea, should always be discussed and approved by a qualified healthcare professional or PD. 

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